Prestige Pressure Cookers

Prestige pressure cookers are made under the Prestige brand of TTK group.

The TTK group is a very old and large group of companies in India that are well known for the quality of products all over India and even in the world.

Prestige brand is one of the largest manufacturers of pressure cookers in the world. It is also one of the early adopters of innovations in pressure cooking space like Gasket Release System, Double locking system and Gasket Offset Device.

Given that Prestige has been one of the oldest kitchen ware companies in India, it is no surprise that it is the leading maker of pressure cookers in the country.

Also, given the popularity of pressure cooking in India, it is one of the most innovative manufacturers that has been able to meet all kinds of customer requirements over the years. Today Prestige offers one of the largest range of pressure cookers for any brand globally.

The prestige brand of pressure cookers can be classified into four main categories: The Deluxe cookers, the Popular cookers, the Anodised Aluminum cookers and the stainless steel cookers.

Deluxe Prestige Pressure Cookers

These are ideally designed for the new age consumer. The heavy grade aluminum material makes the unit durable and long lasting.

The shiny finish makes cleaning a lot easier and it also comes with many safety features. The entire series of the Deluxe cookers are designed to ensure that you can cook food in minimum time while retaining all the nutrients possible.

The visual pressure indicator on the lid is a perfect example of innovation and safety.

The indicator will pop up when the pressure is high and go down with pressure reduced to zero inside the cooker.

Prestige Popular Aluminum Cookers

The Prestige Popular, as the name suggests is one of the most popular brands from this group. The cookers in this series are made from virgin aluminum which ensures that there is absolutely no contamination in the manufacturing and your cooker will also make great tasting, safe to eat food.

Besides all the great features, the aesthetic design of these cookers is also unique an appealing.

With cookers from as small as 2 litres to as large as 12 litres you can get yourself a Popular for almost any kind of cooking needs.

Available from 2 liter, 3 liter, 4 liter, 5 liter, 6 liter, 7.5 liter, 10 liter, 12 liter, 16 liter and 20 liter

Prestige Deluxe Hard-Anodized Cookers

This is very similar to the deluxe series of cookers in terms of the design, quality and features. The real value adds in these cookers is the hard anodized coating.

This process makes the cookers a lot tougher that increases their durability.

Besides, a classy black finish that these cookers have add a more contemporary look and it suits any modern kitchen beautifully.

You also get pressure pans in this series, so it you are looking to cook some vegetables or meat pieces and do not want to use a large cooker, the pans are perfect.

Prestige Deluxe Stainless Steel Cookers

These are high quality cookers made from 18/10 stainless steel material.

The stainless steel body makes it easier to wash and clean. The shiny body makes it an attractive addition in the kitchen.

The units come with Euroclad base which ensures that the heat is transferred quickly and more evenly than traditional cooking techniques.

Like the Deluxe models the external pressure indicator is a good safety feature.

Available from 2 liter, 3.5 liter, 5.5 liter, 6.5 liter, 8 liter and 10 liter

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