Magefesa Pressure Cooker

Magefesa is a very well-known Spanish company in the kitchenware space.

It is a global company with presence in 46 countries and produced all kinds of wares like cookware, flatware, skillets, and many others.

However, the Magefesa pressure cookers are probably one of the best and the most popular products from this company and they come in three main categories: Duo Pressure Cookers, Fast Pressure cookers and super-fast pressure cookers.

Duo Pressure Cookers:

There are two models in this category Practika Plus Trio and the Vital Due.

Practika Plus Trio

The Practika model comes with two units of 4.2 quarts and 6.3 quarts. Both are made from 18/10 high quality stainless steel.

They are designed to retain most of the nutrients in cooking there by serving healthy food. The unit is also designed for high pressure which means you can cook food a lot faster using these cookers.

It comes with a safety lock and five safety features. The thermal diffuse base ensures uniform distribution of heat and the cooker can be used on flame as well as coil stoves.

Vital Due

The Vital Due model of cookers are basically two units of same size made from anodized aluminum.

The come with a steamer accessory for steaming vegetables and a vale cleaning wire to ensure that it does not get clogged.

The unit also has an alarm value and a safety pressure sensor. All these features make it a very safe unit to use for pressure cooking.

Fast Magefesa Pressure Cooker

There are two main models under this category: the Star R and Alustar R

Star R

The Star R model comes in wide range of capacities from 4.2 quarts to 14.7 quarts. These are made from high quality AISI 304 stainless steel.

These models do not have the typical side handle, but two grips on the sides for a more balanced handling.

The easy fit lid is another feature that makes cooking in this kitchenware a breeze.

The unit has a pressure control systems and three safety systems in place.

Features like progressive closing and security clamp make this a safe unit for any kitchen.

Alustar R

The Alustar R is made from high quality aluminum with gravity pressure control system.

The design and features of this model are quite similar to the Star R in terms of the handle, security features, progressive locking, lid, and others.

This model though is available in 15.8 quart capacity only, so this is for larger families.

The lid for this cooker is made from AISI 304 stainless steel, which makes it tough enough to withstand the high pressures inside the cooker.

Like other Magefesa models, this cooker is also suitable for all kinds of cooking surfaces.

Super- Fast Magefesa Pressure Cooker

There are three models under this category: Mageplus, Ideal and Practika Plus.


Mageplus is made from 18/10 grade stainless steel and come with safety pressure sensor, non-release steam system, dual pressure valves, safety window and safety locking system.

The durable stainless steel body, heavy duty base, tough lid and the tri-ply Induxal base ensure uniform heating, high pressure and hence bring down the average cooking times by as much as 70%.

This unit is available in three categories: 4.2 quart, 6.3 quart and 8.4 quart.


The Ideal model is pretty similar to Mageplus in terms of the features, but this AISI 304 stainless steel model come with three pressure control system, diffused base and easy lock security closure mechanism.

The compact design means that it is easy to handle and store away. You also get an optional stainless steel steamer to increase the usability of this unit.

Practika Plus

Practika Plus is another model in this category that is available in three sizes: 3.3 quarts, 6.3 quarts and 7.9 quarts.

This is made from 18/10 stainless steel with chrome and nickel. Like the other models, this unit is designed to cook up to 3 times faster than traditional means and consumes 70% less energy.

The thermal diffuser base ensures that the heat is spread evenly throughout the cooker to ensure uniform cooking.

This can be used on all cooking surfaces and comes with five security features.

Our Picks

Magefesa offers quite a wide range of pressure cookers for your varied needs. But same like other brands, there is always 1 or 2 products that people likes it very much and after read reviews on, I think these products deserve your attentions.

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