Clipso Pressure Cooker

The presence of a removeable smart timer device which other cookers do not have is part of what makes the Tefal Clipso Control Pressure Cooker different from other pressure cookers.

It enables the user to have more precise control over cooking time. It also features the one of a kind Tefal 'one touch' opening and locking system.

All of this and more combine to make the Clipso Control Plus a cleverly designed addition for the modern home.

Other features such as:

  • The health benefits, which come from the 18/10 Air draining vitamin system.
  • Made of nothing less than high grade stainless steel it makes for much quicker cooking than a regular pressure cooker and holds 1/3 more vitamins without depleting any of their nutritional value.
  • A special vitamin basket which allows steam to move about unhampered. Thus it is able to have a balanced effect on the food.
  • Silicone handle to make lifting it in and out easier. Naturally it is dishwasher safe.
  • 2 program selections ranging from Vitamin/Meat and Fish.
  • Comes with a recipe book featuring a variety of recipes to meet everyone's needs: from beginners on up the line.
  • Variety sizes of 4.5 litters to 10 litters.
  • A removable cooking timer which can be set up to 59 minutes. Timer may start depends how much food in the pot and source of the heat. So it can start before or after the steam release

Clipso Pressure Cooker Control Panel

Clipso Modulo

Now Tefal has another clipso pressure cooker which is called Clipso Modulo, which is a smaller version of the Clipso Control, minus the timer and a few other things.

It is designed to hold a large amount of food, but it can easily be reduced to a small size by the use of folding handles.

For ease of storage the lid can be placed upside down.

Clipso Modulo vs. Clipso Control Plus

Clipso Control Plus Clipso Modulo
Closing System Automatic Automatic
Folding handles for easy storage Yes Yes
Made Of Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Cooking Program 2 2
Removable smart timer Yes No
Basket Vitamin Standard
Soft steam release Yes Yes
Pressure Release Fast and slow Fast and slow
Safety devices Pressure regulator valve, over pressure security, opening and closing security device Pressure regulator valve, over pressure security, opening and closing security device
Suitability All hobs including induction All hobs including induction
Recipe book Yes Yes
Size 4.5 to 10 litters 4.5 to 10 litters
Warranty 10 years for the pot only 10 years for the pot only
Price $$$$ $$$

Safety Features:

How safety is clipso pressure cooker? As you know, clipso control plus and clipso module has 5 safety features which 2 of them are for over pressure:

  • The safety valve releases the pressure and the steam escapes from under the control module
  • Steam flows from between the lid and the pot

Customer reviews on Clipso Control Plus

Many buyers give this product a 5 star, because it's simplicity of use makes it almost impossible to make a mistake and ruin a meal. That gives you the confidence to do some experimenting, and you won't be disappointed.

The time it takes to reach pressure is 3 to 4 minutes. It beeps to let you know that it has begun working, so you know when to lower the gas, and it cooks food to perfection. Plus it will actually enhance the flavor of your meal.

Easy to clean, simple to use, these things are many customers recommend it.

Then there are the health benefits, which come from the 18/10 Air draining vitamin system and holds 1/3 more vitamins without depleting any of their nutritional value.

Another good thing about this appliance is that the locking mechanism is easier to use than that found on other pressure cookers. That is a boon for older people, people with arthritis, or anyone with any illness which makes it painful to move the joints of the hands.

And it's easy to open and shut, with no big handle sticking out to get in the way, which makes for easy storing even in a small kitchen cabinet.


Free Download Clipso Pressure Cooker Manual


Just because the Tefal Clipso Modulo is smaller than the Clipso Control Pressure Cooker, and lacks some of the special features doesn't mean that it is substandard.

This too is an excellent pressure cooker to invest in. Both have been made with ease of use and utmost efficiency in mind.

What it comes down to is considering your personal preference and the amount of money you are willing to spend on an item for your kitchen.

Although this model is one of the more expensive ones, but you are investing in a pressure cooker that will last a very long time, years and years, as opposed to spending less for one that just might give out long before it should.

Click here to check price on both type of Clipso Pressure Cooker (UK Only)

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